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Company Reg: 2012/167142/07
Telephone Number: 011 744 5133
Mobile Number: 072 997 7305

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About Us

Who we are
Labour Law Suppliers has been established to provide services and training to companies that have to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. We supply training and provide equipment such as medical equipment, Labour Acts, Fire Extinguishers etc. Our products and services enable companies to maintain their safety equipment and obtain new equipment when needed. In addition our training division enables companies to provide their staff with the necessary skills to manage risk situations in compliance with the relevant legislation. We specialise in providing on-the-job training, which increases training efficiencies. Labour Law Suppliers is a well-established company to comply with the Skills Development Act. We also assist companies with ISO 2009 and upwards.

Ensuring improvement of skills in the workplace and provision of quality education to learners.

To empower organisations through innovative and customised programs and leverage of quality service. Labour Law Suppliers is BEE registered.

At Labour Law Suppliers, we offer a wide range of first aid training from an entry level first aid level 1 course, which covers a broad variety of emergency medical subjects / modules. This course provides the learner with the theoretical information and practical skills necessary to initiate and apply first aid treatment in the workplace or home environment, along with the knowledge of what first aid supplies are required.

First Aid has a course progression pathway, whereby a learner progresses from Level 1, to Level 2, followed by Level 3. A learner also has the option of completing combination courses i.e. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 combination courses. Learners are taught how to perform emergency life support skills and how to apply these skills in emergency situations. Skills include safety, contacting the emergency services, CPR, chocking, stopping bleeding, treating burns and fractures etc. The course include learner manuals, audio visual aids, simulated scenarios and practical exercises.

Our courses are all accredited with the Department of Labour, HWSETA and various other accrediting bodies.

After completing First Aid Level 3 the next step in progression would be to complete the Basic Ambulance Assistant Course, which is entry level into the emergency medical services.
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