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Fire Fighting Training


When faced with extraordinary situations, anything can happen. With proper training and education, the ability to make the right decisions in these extraordinary situations is essential.

Approximately 600 people die and over 4000 are injured annually in South Africa as a result of fire, and these blazes cause more than R500-million damage to property every year. In order to ensure that there are more on-site fire safety experts available to reduce this statistic, Labour Law Suppliers provides courses ranging from a 4-hour ‘General Fire Awareness’ course, to a 16-hour ‘Advanced Firefighting’ course.

Legislation requires that 1 in 50 people per company, or two per building, should be trained in basic firefighting. Labour Law Suppliers’ firefighting training courses are aimed at teaching basic firefighting skills in order to minimise loss of life and property, by extinguishing fires in their early stages. The best method of stopping a fire is to prevent it. The actions taken to control a fire during the first few minutes will determine whether it can be contained or not.

Firefighting is a skill every workplace and home environment needs. Fires spread fast. Take action and call now to book your courses.

Basic Fire Fighting (F1) is a course – designed to equip learners with the knowledge and necessary skills to manage and extinguish a fire in the home or office environment, using a variety of skills and various firefighting equipment covered during the course.

Course Contents
  • Fire Introduction
  • Giving Warning Of A Fire
  • The Burning Process
  • The Fire Tetrahedron
  • Classes Of Fire
  • PPE
  • Extinguishing Mediums And Extinguishers
  • Water
  • Foam
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Dry Chemical Powder
  • Fire Equipment Requirements
  • Methods Of Operation
  • Operating Procedure
  • Care And Maintenance Of Fire Equipment
  • How Fire Spreads
  • Fire Prevention
  • Fire Hose Reels
  • Fire Buckets
  • Fire Blankets
  • Getting Out Alive
  • Lifting And Carrying Techniques


Labour Law Suppliers has a number of specialists who are able to assess your working environment to determine if it is safe and prepared from a safety management perspective. Our team is made up of professional firefighters who have extensive experience in the firefighting industry.

We assess companies and buildings in line with the SABS or SANS regulations 1475 (firefighting equipment), 0400 (Section T Fire Prevention) and regulation 0139 (evacuation procedures). In addition, we take into account the OHS Act and the equipment which should be present, such as first aid boxes, directional and emergency evacuation signage, etc.

The assessment also contains a costing to rectify the non-conformances, thus enabling budgeting provisions to be made available. We supply, install and maintain all the necessary fire safety equipment.