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First Aid Training

First aid is an invaluable skill for both the workplace and the domestic environment. Labour Law Suppliers’ courses provide theoretical information and the practical skills required to manage an emergency. It’s a proven fact that first aid saves lives! A variety of first aid course are available from first aid level 1 to first aid level 3, as well as various AHA and CPR courses.

Note: First aiders in the workplace are a legal compliance requirement for all businesses – this is enforced by the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993, Department of Labour and their inspectors. It is proposed that there be a minimum of 2 first aiders in each company, building or level and the minimum guideline ratio is 1: 50 employees must be trained in first aid. It is encouraged that as many people as possible be trained in this life saving skill.

Remember first aid kits should also be kept close on hand, so order one from us today.

ardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving skill that everyone should know how to perform. It is a proven fact that CPR keeps patients alive until the emergency medical services or paramedics can get to the patient or emergency scene.

Labour Law Distributors is a CPR-accredited training provider with the Department of Labour and the American Heart Association and can as a result train CPR to all interested parties. These should include mothers, fathers, family members, domestic workers, office staff etc.

The Family and Friends CPR Course is aimed at the public, family members, relatives and friends of adults and children at risk for

sudden death. It is ideal for laypersons with no prior medical knowledge who want to learn life saving rescue skills for their loved ones.

The Course provides a basic orientation to the skills of CPR and choking for adults, children and infants, and how to activate the emergency services. A 40-page Family and Friends CPR Booklet is provided to each participant for review before, during and after the Course. Two credit card-size Reminder Cards are included with the booklet, displaying the simple steps for adult, child and infant CPR, and providing information on the recognition of heart attack and stroke.

At Labour Law Suppliers, we offer a wide range of first aid training from an entry level first aid level 1 course, which covers a broad variety of emergency medical subjects / modules. This course provides the learner with the theoretical information and practical skills necessary to initiate and apply first aid treatment in the workplace or home environment, along with the knowledge of what first aid supplies are required.

First aid has a course progression pathway, whereby a learner progresses from level 1, to level 2, followed by level 3. A learner also has the option of completing combination courses i.e. level 1, 2 and 3 combination courses. Learners are taught how to perform emergency life support skills and how to apply these skills in emergency situations. Skills include: safety, contacting the emergency services, CPR, chocking, stopping bleeding, treating burns and fractures etc. The courses include learner manuals, audio visual aids, simulated scenarios and practical exercises.

Our courses are all accredited with the Department of Labour, HWSETA and various other accrediting bodies.

After completing first aid level 3 the next step in progression would be to complete the Basic Ambulance Assistant course, which is entry level into the emergency medical services.



First Aid level 1 is the entry level course on emergency principles and is accredited through the Department of labour, as well as the HWSETA. Read more


Once first aid Level 1 has been completed, learners are legible to complete first aid level 2 where all the theory and practical skills learnt in level 1 is revised further. Read more


First aid level 3 covers revision of information learnt in both first aid level 1 and first aid level 2, and delves further into the provision of emergency care. Read more


In this training session, we attempt to cover many of the aspects of this devastating disease.  Read more