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Health & Safety Management & Training

Occupational Health and Safety is core to the successful long term sustainability of any business and fortunately in South Africa, H&S is a legislatively compliant criterion, enforced by the OHS Act 85 of 1993 and the Department of Labour.

At Labour Law Suppliers we are mindful that health & safety is often viewed as a daunting subject. We often hear questions such as, “Where do I start?” or “What is your view?” Labour Law Suppliers intention is to provide you with a better understanding of the principals regarding health & safety in order for you to participate in and implement effective measures, whether it is in the workplace or at home.

At Labour Law Suppliers, we provide H&S consultation and trained specialists who are able to advise on H&S and related matter. We would review any existing health & safety measures in place and advise on a tailor-made solution to suit your environment or organisation, thus assisting you in reaching your H&S objectives. Our solution is structured around H&S training, equipment supply and implementing a practical and effective H&S management solution.


Occupational Health and Safety is core to the successful long term sustainability of any business and fortunately in South Africa, OHS is a legislatively compliant criterion, enforced by the OHS Act 85 of 1993, by the Department of Labour. At Labour Law Distributors, we provide OHS consultation. Training people to handle unsafe situations or equipment is our goal.

The health and safety courses offered by Labour Law Distributors range from 1 day (OHS Representative, OHS Act, etc) to 10 day (Safety Officer) courses, all recognized by the HWSETA as approved unit standard aligned courses or more lengthily “Skills Programs” also recognized by the HWSETA.

Today, employers have a responsibility to protect the people within the workplace. The OHS training we offer provides employees with knowledge and skills to handle potentially hazardous situations. A Health and Safety trained and experienced professional is becoming a sought after commodity, as there is currently a lack of this critical skill within the South African and global market.

Our objective is to “Create a safe, healthy and prepared environment for all”.


The H&S Representative appointment is a legal requirement under Section 17 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and thus compulsory for every organization. The health and safety course incorporates theoretical, practical and reflexive learning so that the learner is exposed to the true requirements and function of the H&S Representatives in the working environment.

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We provide information, posters and documentation on the OHS Act. It is a legislative requirement that companies display the OHS, COID and Employment equity Acts in the working environment. We supply the posters from our Fire Equipment Servicing division in laminated or framed formats, so please contact them for supply of the various acts.

In addition, we supply a management solution which enables your company to meet the OHS acts requirements. This solution is a set of standard OHS correspondence, supplied in electronic and hard file copy, where all the company’s necessary OHS correspondence is stored.


Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is a core and an integral element in driving Labour Law Suppliers’ business. Every organisation should have a health & safety policy and be compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993. Listed below are the seven stages of H&S compliance essentials in a logical order.

The compliance process may seem to be an uphill struggle with all the listed requirements; however, many businesses do not realise that they may already be compliant with a number of H&S requirements. Our objective is to assist organisations in planning H&S system implementation and procedures, and to ensure that continuous compliance is made as easy as possible.