First Aid level 1 is the entry level course on emergency principles and is accredited through the Department of labour, as well as the HWSETA.

In level 1, learners are taught how to perform basic life support and first aid in emergencies. Learners are required to cover a certain amount of theoretical knowledge as well as perform determined practical skill competently, such as CPR and Choking.

First Aid level 1 is the starting point and a learner may progress all the way to First Aid level 3!

Course Contents

     Principals of emergency care, safety and emergency scene management
     Artificial Respirations
     One Man CPR
     Airway Obstruction
     Wounds & Bleeding
     Shock, unconsciousness & fainting
     Fractures & splinting
     Head & Spinal Injuries
     Practical demonstrations and participation by each learner in the practical exercises

Labour Law Suppliers training courses are also concerned with teaching the importance of having an emergency evacuation plan. Knowing how and where people in a disaster situation can be taken to safety requires careful forethought and emergency plans to be in place for evacuation.